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Proper Garage Door Maintenance

01/03/2014 Back To Blog

The typical electronic garage door goes up and down multiple times a day, resulting in wear and tear on the door as well as its moving components. Normally, people don’t bother paying any attention to it until it starts to breakdown. There is a variety of warning signs that often goes ignored such as squeaking noises, shaking, and slow movement during operation. The notable signisgarage door failure. Below are a few tips to help you keep your door in good condition, prolonging its life.

Tighten Screws and Bolts

The most basic issue with garage doors derive from screws, bolts, and nuts that have work their way loose over time. Other moving parts may become loose as a result. Be sure to inspect and tighten any loose parts you may find. Screws should also be the same size in length. Sometimes you will notice a much longer screw protruding out. This can get caught up in the cable, chain, or any other moving component.

Damaged Hardware

If any of the hardware to the overheadgarage door is damaged, the door will operate poorly, if at all. These issues can lower security and safety tremendously. It is best to repair or replace any damaged parts you may find before the matter worsens which could lead to an entire garage door replacement.

Inoperable Sensors

Inoperable sensors may definitely to cause of garage door failure. There are two sensors on both ends of the door, usually only a few inches from the floor. They are designed to recognize each other. If there is an obstruction blocking their path of sight, the door will now function. This is an installed safety feature. If they are not aligned, you will get the same effect. In this case, realign both sensors by loosening the screws on the mounting brackets. Adjust them upward or downward as needed; when the alignment is regained, tighten the brackets once more.

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