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Garage Door Panel Replacement

Panel replacement in RyeWhen garage door panel replacement is required depends on the material which the panels are made from and on the type of damage which this material incurs. The most common type of damage which wood panels suffer from is decay. If the damage is minimal, repair is possible. If it is severe and spreads over a large area, the whole panel will have to be replaced.

In Case of Extensive Corrosion, Replacement is Necessary

Sheet metal panels can rust and corrode. While moisture is the main cause of damage to metal and wood garage doors, this is not the case with glass panels. They are weather-resistant, but they are more likely to break in case of physical impact. Broken glass panels require quick replacement. This is because they pose safety and security risk to people and property. The replacement job involves the removal of the damaged or broken panel and the installation of a matching one.

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